Making the Modern Athlete

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. It’s that perfect practice that allows athletes at every level to reach the top of their game.

We talked to players and coaches at every level to find what makes for perfect practice.


Instantaneous Feedback

Know with every shot, swing, or throw that there’s improvement.


Progress Tracking

See tangible and quantifiable improvement with every practice.


wherever and whenever

Practice wherever and whenever the competition takes you.


Practice Perfect Shooting: Meet the Swish I

TopForm’s first product consisting of two wrist bands that allows players to practice their shot on any court while getting instantaneous feedback with every shot.


As featured in:

Summer Venture Program Profile

Summer Venture Program Profile

100 Years of Entrepreneurship at Babson’s Summer Venture Showcase

100 Years of Entrepreneurship at Babson’s Summer Venture Showcase


Our Story in 24 Seconds

It all started with a sibling rivalry. Our co-founder, Mike, and his younger brother, Andrew, loved to play pick up basketball against each other. But there was just one problem, Mike’s younger brother was six inches taller than him meaning driving to the hoop was a nightmare. Instead he’d have to learn to shoot the ball over Andrew if he wanted to win. One day while practicing his shooting, Mike wondered if he was shooting the ball correctly or even getting better. So, he did some research on good shooting form, bought a basketball sleeve, found some velcro, borrowed a few sensors and... SWISH! TopForm was born.